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Bloodroot Paste - For Mole, Wart and Skin Tag Removal 1oz

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This product is 100% guaranteed to remove all abnormal growths on the body. It is a safe and effective formula, though it can be an intensive process to remove the growth. Upon purchasing, it is imperative that you read the directions below and follow them accordingly.

The paste combines medical grade zinc chloride with bloodroot and other herbs specific to flushing cancer cells, warts and moles from the body. Bloodroot and zinc are escharotic, i.e. they naturally erode abnormal and raised tissues that don't belong on the skin. The product will erode the tissues until they are of equal structure and size to the surrounding healthy tissues, yet leave the healthy tissues safe and unaffected in the process.

Bloodroot contains an active constituent called sanguinarine, which activates the immune system once applied to the skin. The immune system will then be triggered into healing the area of any appropriate condition



  • True black drawing bloodroot salve is very strong. It is strong but it is also 100% safe when used properly. Following these directions ensures your safety and success!
  • A LITTLE GOES A VERY LONG WAY, this is high potency extremely concentrated medicine.
  • This is an intensive process, you are essentially performing a minor surgery on yourself. It is however, completely safe assuming you follow the directions carefully. We have never had a clinical case where the area has not perfectly recovered. In a couple of cases, the people using Bloodroot removed very tiny and cute moles and regretted it afterwards. Consider this carefully.
  • Please take pictures and if you have questions text them to (559)779-3832 for free guidance. It is best to ask for clarity, if you hit a point of confusion. We are always here for you to ensure you a smooth and positive experience
  • If it burns it means there is cancerous or malignant cell growth in the area. Or, it could burn because you applied too much paste and the surrounding healthy tissues are being affected.
  • Only remove 1-3 growths at a time, it can be too taxing on the immune system to address multiple growths at once. Remember you are essentially performing a minor surgery.
  • For face, ears and nose: never apply to an area larger than the size of a pencil eraser or so.
  • For other areas, do not apply more than an inch of surface area. If the growth is larger than that, it must be worked in stages.
  • NEVER apply to the: eye lids, scrotum, vulva, temples, cervical lymphatic chain in neck.
  • If the paste dries out at all you can reconstitute it by adding a very small amount of water.
  • Do not miss a day or dose of this. If you want it to work properly it must be used consistently. If the growth is on your face or somewhere sensitive or challenging and you want to only treat at night, that will be ok.

Directions (for most people the directions will be simply as follows:

  • With a toothpick or finger, apply a very small amount over the (mole, wart, tag, growth) BUT still make sure the growth is entirely covered (cover the sides of the growth and the top). Trust me when I say, LESS IS MORE. You don’t want the paste to smoosh onto the healthy surrounding tissues and become irritated. This is a very common mistake I see people make. Don’t use more than you need to cover the growth! It will make a difference to purchase the Tegaderm band-aids. To prevent the paste from spreading onto healthy tissues, you may SERIOUSLY want to consider using a hole punch and punching a Tegaderm with a hole that is the exact size of the growth, then secure it around the growth. Then apply the paste. Then cover with another band-aid. The first band-aid then protects the healthy surrounding tissue, the second one covers the paste and growth. I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO FOLLOW THOSE DIRECTIONS. People call me sometimes and their skin is red and inflamed around the growth because they have used too much paste and because the paste has smooshed out around the healthy tissues. They are scared and worried about scarring because they applied too much and didn’t follow directions. They did so at their own risk and I am not responsible for that action. So AGAIN, use a hole puncher and cover the healthy skin with Tegaderm before applying if you think you are not able to contain the bloodroot paste to JUST the growth. Every 12-24 hours, remove the bandage and very gently wipe the area clean (can use Bronner’s soap or a little peroxde), then repeat and immediately apply again. Complete this cycle until the growth has receded to the same level as the surrounding skin. When you pass your hand over the area, you should no longer feel any protrusion or raised area. The amount of time this takes to happen varies. Some people can take 3 days, others up to 14 days. Continue until it is gone. Congrats! Your mole or skin tag is flat and healed!

HOWEVER, for some people the directions will be different. It is likely that an eschar might form over the growth. If this happens, do not be alarmed! It’s normal! Just follow the directions below.

Eschar definition: an open wound/crator of dead puss and diseased tissue that sheds from healthy skin caused by burn or cauterization (or in this case, caused by bloodroot).

If, by chance, after beginning to apply the bloodroot paste, you get an eschar then you need to follow the directions below...

  • For an eschar wound on the area: If the growth has turned into a full puss formation then STOP APPLYING THE BLOODROOT PASTE. You have reached the goal. If the area is only half puss, apply a tiny amount of paste on the remaining growth for another 24 hours or until the full puss formation has formed over the entire growth. An eschar to the area is fairly common when applied to certain types of moles, so do not be scared of this process, even though it might seem scary, it WILL heal properly IF you follow these directions.
  • DO NOT MESS WITH THE ESCHAR. Do not pinch it, do not drain it, do not pick it, do not cut into it. Let it be! It will know what to do and it will do it in stages. If you mess with the eschar you will cause scar tissue buildup (not good). Be patient and leave it alone unless you are washing it. When it is ready, it will eject itself and leave a TEMPORARY cavity (hole) in the skin. The tissue in the cavity can look raw and a little frightening. But don’t worry, it’s a natural process and this cavity will fill itself in!! If you follow my direction, it is extremely rare and unlikely that the site will be infected so don’t worry about that. The eschar means the cancer or growth is dead now, but the healing process needs to still take place in the tissues.

How to care for your eschar

  • Gently clean the area daily with a pure, chemical free soap like Bronner’s and warm water. Keep it covered and protected in between. You may use food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. You also might seriously consider a syringe for irrigating so you don’t have to touch it. DO NOT USE OTHER PRODUCTS ON THIS WOUND. People tend to want to put other things on and it ends up being irritated and increasing the potential for scarring. If you do this and it leaves a huge scar, you are the responsible party.
  • Do not soak the eschar in a tub or a pool etc.
  • Roughly 4 days or so into the eschar, there will be reddening and puffiness. This means your immune system has been triggered. Puss drainage is possible and the amount varies.
  • Roughly (estimated!) 7 days into the eschar, it will begin to dry up like most scabs do.
  • Roughly (estimated!) 8-9 days later, the eschar will eject itself from the skin and pushed out of the body. DO NOT PULL THE SCABBED ESCHAR OFF THE SKIN PREMATURELY. When the eschar ejects itself, there will be a cavity of raw and scary looking tissues underneath where the scab was. At this point you need to place vitamin E oil and unrefined cold pressed sesame oil over (health food store or Amazon) over the area to prevent scarring. Keep it covered and GENTLY cleaned each day. MANY PEOPLE DEVIATE FROM THE DIRECTIONS HERE AND START APPLYING THEIR OWN CREAMS AND OINTMENTS. DO NOT DO THIS!!!! You will need to purchase a high quality Helichrysum essential oil from either Doterra or Young Living (Amazon has both). Do not skimp and get a cheap brand. Helichrysum is the most powerful scar preventative on the planet. Clients who use place a drop of the essential oil over the sesame and E, have no scars at the end of treatment. If you want to minimize scarring, this essential oil is crucial.
  • Roughly 30 days later the area will have healed over and the epidermal layers of skin will have filled in. There should be minimal discoloration and scarring. Congrats, you have healed yourself of cancer/skin growths!
  • Bloodroot
  • zinc chloride
  • distilled water