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Swannies Kid's Night Colors - Blue

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In stock

Night Swannies block over 99% of blue light, giving your body’s natural clock the signals it needs to prepare for sleep, including naturally produced melatonin, the sleep-promoting hormone. The calming lenses allow you to continue using your electronic devices without them impacting your sleep.

  • Block the most harmful wavelengths of the blue light spectrum found between 400-450nm..
  • Protects against symptoms of digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.
  • Allows a natural level of blue light exposure needed for optimal productivity during the day.
  • Work longer without tiredness or eye fatigue..
  • Protects against eye strain.

Science is revealing how exposure to blue light from devices like tablets, phones, and TVs can harm the growing eyes of children, not to mention causing major difficulties at bedtime for parents. Lack of quality sleep can cause problems in school as well as at home when motivation is key (that room STILL isn’t clean)?! Our solution – Kids Colors Night Swannies blue blocking glasses. These kids-size blue light blocking glasses protect young eyes from over 99% of harmful blue light, helping your child fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply all night long so you both can perform at your very best every day.

Wear continuously for at least 2 hours before bedtime for best results.

Only take off your Night Swannies® once you are in bed and have turned off all the lights, ready for sleep.

Swannies should not be worn while driving or operating machinery.