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Tour Travel, Soft - 6 pack

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In stock

This travel-sized toothbrush features a unique 2-in-1 hideaway design that acts as both a toothbrush and travel case. Plus, with our trademark oversized brush head with vegetable-derived bristles and ergonomic plant-based handle, you know you’ll still be getting the best clean wherever you go. One more benefit? This travel toothbrush has an eco-friendly replaceable head so you can make the footprints without leaving them.

After you’ve used your toothbrush, stash the replaceable head safely inside the hollow handle. No extra travel case required.

The transparent Tour handle is made from 100% wood-based bioplastic — the same stuff used for the RADIUS Big Brush Toothbrush — for a great ergonomic feeling in your hand and the bristles are vegetable-derived, making them environmentally sound.

Thanks to the innovative design, when you’re done with one of the fan-bristled, gum-stimulating heads, you can simply swap it for another — reducing waste and saving you from having to buy a whole new toothbrush.

Brush teeth and tongue 2x a day. To get rid of any travel germs, a bath or peroxide and water will sterilize and clean the head.